Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smart Ivy Leaguers

We keep putting brilliant Ivy Leaguers on the Supreme Court, and then we're shocked when they do a lot of crazy-insane dictatorial shit. I don't know why I'm surprised. It's because I'm a dummy, that's why I'm surprised. You put a super-smart person on the Supreme Court, what does he think? He thinks, "I'm superior." Cause he's superior, right? He's so damn smart. And he starts looking down on all the rest of us. His smartness is actually a liability. He becomes an egomaniac and a danger to us all.

What we need to know in confirming a Supreme Court Justice is not how smart they are. Thomas Jefferson, way smarter than I am. And he owned people. Joseph Goebels, really big I.Q. And he was a Nazi. It doesn't matter how smart you are if you have a moral blind spot. In fact, it's kind of dangerous to be really smart when you have a moral blind spot. You're Lex Luthor, asshole.

When we nominate some genius to sit on our Supreme Court, what do we want them to do? Are we looking for a leader? Do we want this smart, superior person to find new laws for us to follow? Or are we looking for a follower, a humble person who is willing to read our Constitution and do what it says? I say the latter. And so the prerequisite for sitting on the Supreme Court is not intelligence but state of mind. Can you read? Will you follow?

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