Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Abortion Is A Boxing Match

Imagine the Supreme Court as a referee of a fight, an abortion fight. On one side, It's Mother "Pro-Life" Teresa. In the other corner, it's Bill "The Weasel" Clinton. And they're smacking each other in the ring. It's the second round. Oh, we feel like the fight's been going on forever, but it's early. It's the second round.

Now imagine our referee is corrupt and dishonest. He's biased. He favors one side and wants the other side to lose. So this referee, we'll call him Casey, attempts to call the fight in the second round. "It's over, it's over!"

Bill Clinton does a little chubby dance. And Teresa is outraged at the injustice. He never laid a glove on her. The fight's not over. How can you call the fight? So she loses it and runs over and smacks Clinton again.

So what does he do? He smacks her back. And the fight's still on! Maybe the Weasal tries to claim victory ("the ref said it's over, I won, stop fighting"). Nonetheless, he still finds himself punching Pro-Life, because she is still punching him. He wants the fight to be over. He wants to declare victory and go home. But he can't, because the fight is very much on.

Now our referee, Casey, is starting to look like an idiot. He called the fight. He said it was over. It's stare decisis. But it's not over. The fight's still going on. Apparently, he has no authority. Oh, he's a referee all right. He's got the striped shirt. But nobody's listening to him.

Of course, now the fight seems to be getting out of hand. She's biting his ear. He's bringing out the brass knuckles. It's now an unlawful fight, a free-for-all. And it's the ref's fault. What makes the fight so unruly and ugly is the obvious bias of the ref. You have no credibility, you damn liar. You tried to end the fight by picking your favorite boxer and saying he won. But all you did was damage your standing as an impartial authority.

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