Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catholic League v. Women's Health Center, Part II

Rehnquist writes, "The fetuses were discovered by a container company on the premises of a defunct pathology laboratory, and were turned over to the District Attorney's office. After a period of indecision concerning the disposition of the fetuses, during which the District Attorney's office was contacted by several groups, religious and otherwise, offering various means of disposal, the District Attorney made public his decision to turn the fetuses over to a religious organization for the purpose of holding a burial service, and subsequently arranged for interment in a private cemetery that had offered its space to the State free of charge."

How big are these babies? Cause people called the cops again. Innocent people on the scene seem to keep calling the boys in blue when they see our unenumerated Constitutional right in action. Just sayin'.

I know, I know, it's vast right-wing conspiracy. We have the container companies and the Guatemalan maids. We right-wingers are everywhere. You can't escape us.

One dead baby in a motel room, and it's a homicide investigation and a Supreme Court opinion. 16,000 dead babies crammed into containers, what is it? A circus. A joke. In Simopoulos, at least we have a girl involved, and a doctor. It's almost like a real crime. Here, we've got 16,000 bodies and no crime. No investigation. Who would we investigate? There aren't any victims. So no crime. Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of dead bodies that ended up in a bankrupt pathology lab. How'd they get there? We don't know. They don't exist, remember? Right. Right.

And there are so many. One body, you can focus on one body. You can deal with it. Sixteen thousand. Or forty-six million. Those numbers are so huge that it kind of blows my mind. Particularly when I think of ol' arbitrary Harry and the rest of his merry pranksters, passing memos around. Hope you got it right, guys. That's a lot of dead non-people.

If the District Attorney had any balls, he would have put all the dead babies in a huge pyramid in a stadium somewhere, poured gasoline on top of them, lit them on fire, taken all his clothes off, and danced around naked in an ode to pagan sexuality. But he probably would have been voted out of office for doing that. I mean, he made enough of a stink giving them to the Catholics.

Anyway, back to the cover-up.

"The California Court of Appeals held that the District Attorney's proposal to turn the fetuses over to a religious organization for purposes of holding a memorial service would violate the Establishment Clause of the California Constitution, and another provision of the California Constitution prohibiting state action indicating a preference for any particular religion. The California Supreme Court denied review."

I guess if the D.A. dies and they try to bury him in a Catholic cemetery, somebody will sue to stop it. Hey, you're showing a preference for a particular religion! Or something. Establishment clause jurisprudence is kinda insane. "Your Catholic funeral is sending hurtful vibes into my atheist soul, man." Seriously, atheists, suck it up. You can handle it.

Is this symbolic speech? Yeah. Are you trying to silence it? Yeah. Is the federal Constitution involved? Yeah. Is Rehnquist a pussy? Yeah.

I know, he dissented in Roe. I know, he dissented in every abortion rights case that came down the pike. But right-wingers on the Court just want abortion off their docket. That's all. It makes the Supremes look bad. Real bad. That's what the Republicans are upset about. Not justice. Not dead babies. They are worried about their institution. What can I say? Republicans in power tend to go all Nixon under stress.

What is Casey, if not some massive Republican whitewash? "Overruling Roe...would seriously weaken the Court's capacity to exercise the judicial power..." Yeah yeah, you don't want to look bad or anything. Protect the institution. Hide the bodies, hide the bodies. Just remember, it's the cover-up that gets you, bitches.

Why, by the way, is Women's Health Center suing the Catholic church for burying a bunch of non-persons? What do you care? Of course, I find a lot of the injuries in establishment law cases to be spurious and whiny, so maybe I'm biased. Okay, I'm biased. But this seems like a dumb lawsuit to me.

I try to put myself in their shoes. Say some extremist Catholic group fishes out one of my used condoms out of my toilet, and they bury it in some crazy Roman Catholic dead sperm service, with the full regalia, and they have a big sign that says Every Sperm is Sacred and another sign that says Carmichael Kills Sperm. Okay. Am I going to sue to stop them? I am not. You know why? Because that's funny. And I got better things to do with my time.

If Catholics are being ridiculous, if they're crazy pro-lifers and we all know they're crazy, why are you suing them? Cause it seems to me, Women's Health Center, that you want to silence them. It suggests maybe you are afraid people are going to listen to those crazy Roman Catholics. You are worried that maybe people will start thinking a fetus is a baby. Is that possible? Could that happen? It seems like you think it could happen. Your actions make you seem like you have something to hide.

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