Thursday, June 3, 2010

Partial-Birth Abortion

I hate reading Carhart I and II. They are nasty and vicious opinions that describe, in graphic detail, what it's like to kill a baby in the womb. And I don't know what's worse, D&X abortions or D&E abortions. The doctor dilates the cervix, grabs the baby with the forceps, and pulls him halfway out of the birth canal. And then kills him. That's the partial-birth abortion one. Usually it's poison in the neck.

Or your other option is to dilate the cervix, grab the baby with the forceps, and yank really, really hard. The idea is that you rip the baby's leg off, and then you go back in and rip his arms, and then go back in and rip his torso. You rip him nine or ten times, kind of like Jack the Ripper. And that is a D&E abortion.

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