Friday, June 4, 2010

A Baby Can't Possibly Be A Person

The utterly bizarre thing about the Supreme Court's abortion jurisprudence is that the liberals have managed to take the humanity of the unborn off the table. Unfit for polite discussion. Even in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which is revisiting and rehearing all the issues in Roe, the humanity of the unborn is kicked to the curb. As Justice Blackmun rather gleefully asserts in his Casey concurrence, "No Member of this Court - nor for that matter, the Solicitor General - has ever questioned our holding in Roe that an abortion is not the termination of life entitled to Fourteenth Amendment protection." In other words, boy are those pro-lifers a bunch of whack jobs. They are so clueless.

So this is where the pro-life community is today. Marginalized. We're on the legal margins. There aren't any pro-lifers on the Supreme Court. None. Zip. Nada. Oh, the right-wingers talk a good game in those partial-birth abortion opinions. You kinda get the feeling they're thinking about bringing back the ol' shock-the-conscience test, the way they keep going on and on about how shocked they are. Well, I dunno. You dehumanize a class of people, these things happen. How shocked can you be?

Oh, I know Scalia's pro-life. I'm giving him a hard time. I'm giving him body blows to his Catholic soul. Pow. Pow. Pow. That's mean. I'm a meanie. I know it. But like I'm going to have any success convincing a liberal that a live human being is a person. I'd like to think there are open-minded liberals out there. Just, you know, none on the Supreme Court. 

But why would a liberal Justice contemplate the possibility of the rightness of the pro-life argument? When right next to him, all the far-right crazy ass people are nodding their heads, going, "Non-human. Objects. Definitely not people. You got that one right, Harry." I mean, it's fucking unanimous. And it's this silent, not bothering to address the issue unanimity. It's so fucking unanimous, we don't have to talk about it, ever. Cause ol' Harry put that one to rest.

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