Thursday, June 24, 2010

Harry Loses His Mind

"Four members of this Court (are) poised to cast into darkness the hopes and visions of every woman in this country." This is the rhetoric Blackmun adopts after Roe. He has decided to talk about his opponents like they are Darth Vader.

"I fear for the darkness as four Justices anxiously await the single vote necessary to extinguish the light."

What I fear is that Stevens will be up there when he is 622, doing wheelies on his robot body. "I'm feeling good."

"I am 83 years old. I cannot remain on this Court forever..."

This is not Justice Stevens. This is Justice Blackmun. What if Ponce de Leon had discovered the fountain of youth? There goes democracy. We would never, ever, get any of these Supreme Court assholes to retire. Ever! You think I'm kidding. Huh.

"All that remained between the promise of Roe and the darkness of the plurality was a single, flickering flame."

Harry Blackmun writes passages like this with a straight face. Not even a giggle. How do I know he's serious? Because three years later, upon reflection, he's so proud of what he's written that he cites himself. His opponents are the forces of darkness and he, Harry Blackmun, is one of the light people.
You remember 1968, the summer of love? Part of the dark ages. Every year before 1973 was part of the dark ages. Oh, that wonderful day when Harry showed us the light and led us out of our cave. Our cave of patriarchy.

"For today, the women of this Nation still retain the liberty to control their destinies. But the signs are evident and very ominous, and a chill wind blows."

This is coming from a man who admits in a secret memo that he doesn't know what fucking point to pick. The Court made up some arbitrary shit. People on our side, millions of people, flip out and say he's a baby-killer. And this is his response? This is what he writes? A chill wind? A chill fucking wind? Is blowing?

There goes my spleen. My spleen burst.

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