Thursday, June 24, 2010

Democracy is Not the Dark Ages

If Roe v. Wade is overruled, all that happens is our representatives can now vote on it. That's it, democracy, that's what happens. Overrule Roe, and all of a sudden it matters who is sitting on the state legislature. Boy, wouldn't that be interesting, if people actually had to pay attention to who was sitting on their state legislature. Wow. Political involvement at the local level. That's kind of a novelty. Might want to try that. Might be more democratic than five unelected people spouting rhetoric about the rights of woman.

Instead of recognizing that democracy has its fans, Blackmun rants about the incipient dark ages. He is literally assuming that no State will allow abortions. What happened to all those millions of women whose hopes and visions you see, Harry? Can't they vote? Why can't they shine the light?

Either you are speaking for the millions of women who can vote and win elections, or you and you fellow elitists have dictated an unenumerated right that most Americans dislike. You can't have it both ways.

To be irresponsible is bad enough. To dictate an arbitrary rule is bad enough. But to dictate an arbitrary rule, and then deny even the possibility that you fucked up, this is what outrages. To opine that pro-lifers are oppressing women. Yes, pregnancy keeps women from reading books. Pregnancy keeps women from work, from feminism, from equality. Pregnancy keeps women in the darkness. Pregnancy does that.

Does it not bother feminists that millions and millions of women, not just Republicans, are pro-life? Does it not bother feminists that feminists themselves are pro-life? That Susan B. Anthony was pro-life? That Elizabeth Cady Stanton was pro-life? That Margaret Sanger--yes, the racist and eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood--was pro-life? We don't want her, but we got her. Are all of these women part of the darkness? Is Mother Teresa part of the darkness?

This is not to say that Mother Teresa is the fount of all knowledge. I'm reading one of her speeches and going, "You tell 'em, Sister." And then she veers off into an attack on contraception. And I'm like, "Killing sperm? What's wrong with that? I do that. Sperm? What? What?" This part of her speech is when the pro-life crowd starts shuffling its feet and looking at the ground. Tess is like, "What happened? I lost them."

I think she's wrong, okay? I think the Catholic church lost some moral authority on birth control--at least in the USA--and people do not listen, as they should, to the church on abortion. But the Catholics have a point. Evangelicals have a point. The pro-lifers have a point. If I am wrong and the Sister is right, or we are both wrong and Harry is right, have a vote on it. Democracy is not actually the dark ages, Harry. You unelected fuckhead.

You're Darth Vader. No, you are. You are!

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