Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Abortion in France

In France, women have a statutory right to abortion for 10 weeks.  That's it.  Horrible situation for women in France, right?  Oppression.  Where's the ACLU?  Oh my God, it's the dark ages in France.  Maybe NARAL could send some human rights observers to France and keep us updated.  Send in the NOW teams.  I mean, feminists are raising all these American dollars because abortion rights are under attack, what about France?  Lafayette, we are here. 

Feminists, how can you ignore women in France?  No partial-birth abortion, no D&E abortion.  No abortion in the second trimester?  It's a moral outrage.  Right now some poor French high school girl is missing period number three.  She wants a choice.  She needs a choice.  And the French chapter of the vast right-wing conspiracy is forcing her to carry her fetus to term.  Oh the humanity.  A chill wind is blowing through France. 

Liberals, when you holiday in Europe, remember to pack your birth control.  Otherwise you have to fly back home for your seventh month abortion.  Back home to freedom.  Cause Europe is strict, man.  Austria, 12 weeks.  Finland, 12 weeks.  Denmark, 12 weeks.  Belgium, 12 weeks.  Switzerland, Norway.  12 weeks, 12 weeks.  Hungary, Poland, Spain.  12 weeks.  What a right-wing continent.

One short-term goal for right-wingers, I think, is to move our abortion laws in the direction of socialist France.  Yeah yeah, aim for France!  See if we can move it off our current Cuba-China-North Korea dictator standard in the USA. 

In any abortion debate, make sure you remind the liberals how out of whack we are with civilized Europe.  I mean, we're just a bunch of lawless, baby-killing cowboys over here.  Normal people don't like second trimester abortions.  Look at France!  France is normal.  Kinda.  Compare our rules--dictated to us by nine unelected people--to all the rules propagated by the more democratic and civilized nations in the world.  You know your typical liberal is embarrassed about being an American hick and wishes he was a European sophisticate.  So rub his nose in it.  Our abortion rules are like something farmers would use to slaughter pigs.    
Shame your liberal by reminding him how backwards and violent we are compared to France. 

Feminists and liberals are fanatically opposed to any regulations of abortions.  They say it is "chipping away at Roe."  Well, yeah.  I mean, Roe is a baby-killing monolith sitting atop the birth line, begging for demolishment.  So of course we are chipping away.  We are trying to bring some sanity back to Supreme Court jurisprudence. 

What do liberals in our country want?  They want first trimester abortions.  They want a 12-week rule, or a 10-week rule.  Just like Europe, right?  That's what liberals want.  What did the Supreme Court give them?  Dehumanizing babies in the ninth month.  Partial-birth abortion.  D&E ripping in the uterus.  4-7 million dead Carhart babies, plus an unknown number of women hurt because they weren't in a hospital.  Gee, thanks, Harry.

Now, Roe is synonymous with abortion rights.  Millions of people support Roe because they want abortion, right?  They want nice, safe, European-style free abortion for 12 weeks.  That's what liberals want.  But they know they're not going to get free abortion.  And they're worried that they're not going to have any abortion.  So they defend Roe.  No matter how bad Roe is, and how many people have died as a result of it. 

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